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Letter: This amount of knowledge is nowhere near naïve

Geraldine Kaye

As a qualified actuary for over 30 years, including a period of 10 years as an academic, I must challenge that.

Back in 1985, I wrote a paper entitled Topical Pension Problems published in the Journal of the Institute of Actuaries Students’ Society, forecasting the problems that we are actually seeing today, some three decades later. I wrote then that what the country needed was a real review of pensions – not just a review focusing on monetary concerns, but one that included long-term care provision funded by the government, possibly through some ring-fenced taxation of UK pension funds.

No problem is without a solution – it is just a matter of being creative, and sometimes brave, with the thinking, and finding it.

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I want a root-and-branch approach taken to studying what the purpose of pensions is rather than just how much or how cost-effectively they can be paid. Naïve, I think not.

Dr Geraldine Kaye

Managing Director

Gaaps Actuarial