UBS lists ETFs on five platforms

UBS has listed 14 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on five adviser and direct-to-consumer platforms.

The company has added products listed on the London Stock Exchange to Ascentric, Hargreaves Lansdown, Nucleus, Raymond James and Transact. The ETFs track a range of indices and asset classes, including UK, US, Japanese and emerging markets equities, commodities and corporate bonds.

The move comes after UBS cut its fees across its ETF range last month, reducing some costs by as much as 20 basis points.

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Andrew Walsh, head of ETF sales UK at UBS Global Asset Management, said the company was “in dialogue” with other platforms.

“Platforms are becoming ever more central to the investment landscape for financial advisers and DIY investors alike, and ETFs are seeing increased demand as they offer efficient, cost-effective access to the global markets,” he added.

The 14 ETFs added to the platforms are:

Product nameAsset classCharge
UBS MSCI World Ucits ETF (USD) A-disGlobal equities0.3%
UBS FTSE 100 Ucits ETF (GBP) A-disUK equities0.2%
UBS CMCI Composite SF (USD) A-accCommodities0.45%
UBS S&P 500 Index SF (USD) A-accUS equities0.2%
UBS MSCI Japan Ucits ETF (JPY) A-disJapanese equities0.35%
UBS MSCI Emerging Markets Ucits ETF (USD) A-disEmerging markets equities0.45%
UBS MSCI Canada Ucits ETF (CAD) A-disCanadian equities0.33%
UBS Euro Stoxx 50 Ucits ETF (EUR) A-disEuropean equities0.15%
UBS MSCI Pacific ex Japan Ucits ETF (USD) A-disAsian equities0.3%
UBS MSCI Europe Ucits ETF (EUR) A-disEuropean equities0.2%
UBS MSCI EMU Ucits ETF (EUR) A-disEuropean equities0.23%
UBS MSCI EMU Value Ucits ETF (EUR) A-disEuropean equities0.25%
UBS MSCI World Socially Responsible Ucits ETF (USD) A-disGlobal equities0.38%
UBS Markit iBoxx Euro Liquid Corporates Ucits ETF (EUR) A-disCorporate bonds0.2%