Mortgage searches rise as consumers go online

Figures from digital marketing agency Greenlight found that millions of UK consumers were searching for independent data on mortages over the internet.

In the agency’s “Retail Banking – Issue 18” report, quarter-on-quarter search volumes pertaining to borrowing rose 6 per cent from 2.4m in July to more than 2.5m last month.

In contrast, queries pertaining to savings and investment fell 18 per cent over the same period.

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The move came as reports showed that, at the end of September, lenders had approved the highest number mortgages in over five years.

The report said: “Mortgages featured in six of the 10 most searched for terms with ‘mortgage calculator’ proving to be most popular, notching up 550,000 searches.

“Queries relating to savings & investment offerings accounted for a 22 per cent share of overall searches. However, October search volumes that totalled 823,300, fell below July’s 1m.”