Letter: Reputations at risk from anonymous web posting

Fiona Sharp

What I do have a problem with is someone purporting to be me, and posting inappropriate and inconsiderate comments, which is what has happened on another forum over the past three months.

My login name was already taken (by me), but someone else was still able to login as me (using a separate email address) and make comments as me. This was not technically ‘anonymous’, as many people saw those comments and assumed them to have been made by me. This also happened to one of my colleagues.

Why should this be deemed to be acceptable behaviour?

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I would say that this is not ‘fair comment’, nor the work of someone who wishes to post to enhance a debate in any useful or democratic way.

Equally, they get to hide behind their ‘anonymity’ and are covered by data protection while carrying on with reputation-damaging activities. Is that really fair?

Fiona Sharp

Chartered financial planner

Almary Green Investments