‘No way to check Aviva compensation’

Paul Gibson, chartered financial planner for Aberdeen-based Carbon Financial Partners, said he contacted the company after it was revealed that 800,000 clients were underpaid due to technical errors.

Mr Gibson said he asked the company on behalf of a client but was told there was “no means of checking” who was owed compensation.

He said he was also told that no point of contact had been set up to deal with the case.

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He added: “Given that there appears to have been significant errors in the past I would have hoped Aviva could have adopted a more helpful attitude and managed the process better.”

A spokesman for Aviva said: “We regret that these historical mistakes were made. If any error has been made we will put it right. We are working through any outstanding cases systematically and are making good progress. Any customers who may be affected can be confident we will contact them.”