Canada Life offers free BusinessCare

The sales director at Canada Life Group Insurance said the BusinessCare service, which is provided by Capita Health and Wellbeing, would be rolled out to any FCA-registered adviser needing support in conducting group business.

He said: “We believe that many smaller advisers without access to an in-house legal team will genuinely appreciate this offer, as it will allow them to ensure they are compliant from a legal and health and safety perspective.

“For larger advisers, this is a great sounding board and should help them explain the additional services that Group Risk and healthcare insurers provide to their customers.”

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Mr Ford said that although BusinessCare had already been established among small- to medium-sized firms, Canada Life’s “ambition in offering this free access period” was to allow intermediaries to gain a greater understanding of what was available through using it.

The free offer period will last until 2 March 2015. During this time, advisers will be able to create a variety of legal and health and safety documentation, with additional telephone support to discuss specific workplace scenarios.

This announcement comes a week after research showed that 66 per cent of employees surveyed by Canada Life believed they would work past the age of 65.

This percentage has almost doubled since October 2012, when only 35 per cent believed they would work past the traditional retirement age.

Adviser view

Sarah Fullaway, director of Derbyshire-based Oviso Financial Services, said: “As a concept, what Canada Life is offering sounds great. From my point of view, my advisory firm can take advantage of those services, as a thing such as this builds a better relationship between advisers and providers. But also extending an SME service to advisers means we can work out how valuable such services are to our clients.”