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Product review: Nucleus Speakeasy app

Adviser-influenced wrap Nucleus launched its new social app at its annual strategy event, Nucleus 2014. The wrap sees the Speakeasy app as a networking opportunity for industry professionals to engage in peer-to-peer interaction.

The app is free of charge, and is available for download on iOS and Android operating systems, as well as being available as a desktop version.

Speakeasy uses a video capture tool, which will allow Nucleus to gauge adviser views and opinions. It means advisers can ask questions to fellow advisers, and share views on industry issues and best practice.

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The app includes a video wall, a discussion board and regular polls and aims to build and grow a strong, active online community for those who use or are considering using the Nucleus platform.

MM comment:

Online networks, forums and industry gathering sites are becoming a bigger and better part of how ideas and information are exchanged, so Nucleus is wise to get itself into the social networking space now.

In addition to spreading its name, it has the potential to create a genuinely useful resource for advisers. A blend of social and professional, the Speakeasy app is an online portal that makes best practice accessible, as well as creating a dialogue between Nucleus and those who use its services.

Making the app free to download for all major operating systems means, at the very least, it is easy to access. The screenshots available online show a simple, unfussy design but with clear instructions that would hopefully ensure that the app is not beyond the capabilities of most potential users.

The Nucleus website even has a specific contact section for anyone with questions or problems with Speakeasy, which indicates that this is an ongoing project the company is engaging with.

For advisers who work with Nucleus or who are thinking of doing so, a free, easy-to-use app where they can network and seek advice from other industry professionals sounds like a good place to begin, and could signal the start of more providers following suit.