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Planning tool can map multiple life situations

The founder and managing director of YourWealth said the additional feature will be added to Money Hub in the coming weeks and will be accessible to advisers on the Money Hub Connect platform.

The technology means advisers can map the future path of a client’s finances in multiple scenarios, such as having a child or quitting a job.

Mr Hughes said: “Whether planning for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, their children’s university fees, or even the yacht they have always dreamt of owning, the tool’s forecasting technology empowers advisers to work with clients to devise the right plan to get them on the road to achieving their goals.”

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Clients must register for the Money Hub app and give access permission to their adviser.

Mr Hughes added: “This allows clients and their advisers to create, edit and share new financial plans quickly and securely. Advisers can make recommendations based on a client’s live financial plans, and record any changes or suggestions.”

Adviser view

Ian Gourley, a chartered financial planner at Leeds-based 2 Plan Wealth Management, said: “There are a number of cash- flow planning tools, such as Voyant, Truth, Moneyscope and Plan Lab, currently available to advisers. I’ve not seen Money Hub, but it sounds similar to what’s already on the market.”