Friends Life reveals group protection claim statistics

Friends Life paid out 100 per cent of group life claims, 95 per cent of group income protection claims and 86 per cent of group critical illness claims.

For group income protection the main causes of claims were mental health, cancer and musculoskeletal conditions while for group critical illness, cancer and heart attacks were the main causes.

David Williams, director of group protection at Friends Life, said the group income protection proposition supported more than 400 people back to health and helped them return to work.

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He said this figure demonstrates the true value of income protection in supporting employers, employees and their families.

Mr Williams said: “We have continued to develop the proposition with the introduction of our Cancer Work Support service.

“This provides much needed support for members who are looking to return to work after cancer and provides further additional value for the employer from their income protection policy.

“In addition the employee assistance programme provided further support to 7,500 members through telephone and face to face counselling and other phone and online support to help prevent absence occurring.”