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    Once a niche product, 9 per cent of intermediaries polled by Paragon Mortgages last summer reported they had dealt with let-to-buy cases.

    However advisers recommending this type of mortgage need to understand how these home loans work and who should consider such finance.

    If you plan to rent your existing home for an extended period most lenders will require that you switch to a buy-to-let mortgage, this guide reveals.

    The guide explains who should consider let-to-buy, how these home loans differ from buy-to-let deals and how lenders assess your client and their abode’s suitability for such mortgages.

    Supporting material was provided by: Mark Bullard, head of sales at NatWest Intermediary Solutions; Rob Thomas, director of research at the Wriglesworth Consultancy; Phil Rickards, head of BM Solutions; Ray Boulger, senior technical manager at John Charcol; David Hollingworth, associate director of London & Country Mortgages; and the Financial Conduct Authority.

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    1. Which property might require a let-to-buy mortgage?

    2. Why has let-to-buy become more popular in recent years, according to Mr Rickards?

    3. What impact does a let-to-buy mortgage have on your exposure to the housing market, according to Mr Thomas?

    4. How is affordability of a let-to-buy mortgage assessed?

    5. Since what year has the popularity of let-to-buy been progressively increasing, according to Mr Boulger?

    6. Is let-to-buy regulated?

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