EDM rebrands online property data network

EDM Group has rebranded its online property data network as EDM Mortgage Support Services after integrating the Valuation Exchange and other services into its own cloud-based platform following the acquisition of mortgage data analyst Xit2 in April.

EDM MSS offers a range of products to help clients manage the various stages of the mortgage process, letting lenders exchange data with third parties such as brokers, surveyors, solicitors, estate agents and asset managers.

The platforms, including residential and commercial valuation exchange and LPA exchange, support transactions within mortgage lending, such as valuation and asset management instructions.

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Its customers currently include Nationwide, Virgin Money, Santander, Bank of Ireland, Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group.

Work is now underway to integrate the platforms, providing a website front-end that overcomes historical compatibility issues between different legacy systems, enabling users to complete documents via mobile phone access. This will be rolled out to existing clients over the next three to six months.

Joe Pepper, managing director of EDM MSS, stated that the new service will significantly reduce the cost of entry for new clients.

“Previously, a service of this sort would require substantial coding, which was only affordable for larger players, now smaller lenders can set up the system much more easily.

“Our core aim is to add value to the mortgage lending market, bringing automation, efficiency and intelligent management of data from third party sources.”

He added: “We are an agnostic technology platform that joins up a largely manual marketplace, enabling lenders to connect with thousands of suppliers. We want to simplify the process that captures all the information in one place and gives access to professionals who need to make decisions.”