Protection advisers call for client health scans

Protection advisers call for client health scans

Advisers have called for comprehensive medical scans for clients who buy protection policies to help process applications more quickly, Mark Dennison has said.

The principal at Essex-based LightBlue Financial Management, said: “Bearing in mind how technology can detect problems at an early stage and diagnose the root cause of chronic conditions, I would have thought it would be a no-brainer for insurers as it will help identify illnesses before they become critical and enable those with ongoing conditions to find a remedy and return to work.”

The service could be offered by an insurer or directly through an adviser, Mr Dennison suggested. He pointed to recent research carried out by Harley Street-based European Scanning Centre showing that 93 per cent of respondents said policyholders would benefit from a comprehensive health assessment to help them recover from certain conditions and aid their return to work.

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More than 70 per cent said the introduction of scans as a product enhancement for high net-worth clients would help advisers with protection sales and persistency rates.

The research surveyed 15 adviser firms, including LifeSearch, London & Country, Sesame Bankhall Group, Risk Assured, Plan Money and Highclere, which together represent more than 13,000 advisers.

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Ian Sawyer, managing director of Buckinghamshire-based Assured Futures, said: “Comprehensive health scans are something I have long thought should be offered in some form for clients. This type of service could be a rider plan that is well-suited to PMI, but would also work well with life, critical illness and income protection too.”