Cambridgshire IFA becomes PFS chartered champ

Cambridgshire IFA becomes PFS chartered champ

Cambridgeshire-based adviser Tony Larkins has been made a PFS chartered champion, with a remit to promote industry status, PFS chief executive Keith Richards has announced.

Mr Richards said: “Chartered is increasingly recognised as the gold standard in the sector, and puts financial planning on the same level as other leading professions such as legal and accountancy who operate in the public sector.”

The managing director of Beacon Wealth Management will be the regional chartered champion for the PE and MK postcode areas (Peterborough and Milton Keynes).

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His responsibilities include being a local advocate for chartered status, representing the PFS and raising awareness of the chartered brand.

Mr Larkins said: “I am proud to have been chosen as a chartered champion so I can help others become chartered. Clients recognise the status as something distinctive as it signals a trusted higher quality of advice.”

Mr Richards said that over 4,500 members have chartered status, with a further 7,500 on the way to achieving it.

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Jeremy Phelps, financial planner at Carmarthenshire-based Financial Solutions Wales, said: “We have a champion in south Wales and I would strongly recommend any adviser who is at level four to continue the process. There is a lot more to be gained through the advanced exams.

“At the same time it is a status that clients are looking at, we have had clients looking for the chartered status. So chartered champions do play a big part in local regions, and should be given more time at regional meetings to emphasis why the PFS and chartered status is so important.”