Diary of an adviser: Linda Donald



I am in the office for 8.15 and the first appointment is scheduled for 10am. This is a valuation of existing investments. A review is not due until March for this client but she asked for an appointment to discuss her cash holdings as they had reached maturity. The outcome of this meeting is for me to top up her Isa for this year and look at some good homes for her cash for the next year. In addition, I had to exchange several emails with her accountant to ensure her tax return was completed before the deadline.

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The next meeting is at 2pm with a business development manager at MetLife. This meeting is to meet the new chap handling our agency but also to revisit their guaranteed style products and where they would sit with some clients.


I realise that today needs to be an admin day to get recommendations and paperwork prepared for a couple of meetings that I have arranged for next week. I also spend the morning calling a few clients to arrange appointments for the week after next.

I take some work home tonight to prepare recommendations for a client that I need to see next week and spend three hours deciding on the best platform to place their Isas and also ensure that the funds selected would be in line with their risk profile. This is a great feeling as I know that it would be impossible to fit what I needed to do into the next day.


I came into work feeling good but as I had registered for a webinar with Just Retirement and Moody’s, who are doing a presentation on the pension changes, the morning disappears quickly. I leave the office at 12.30pm as I had arranged lunch with my daughter. She works shifts so working with Sandringham Financial Partners enables me to see her during the day while still enabling me to give the best to all my clients. While there, she mentions a friend who needs some mortgage advice, so another appointment is arranged.


Due to personal appointments I’m working from home today so my laptop is at the ready and I have brought files home to work on for next week’s appointments. My business partner had a couple of client appointments today so all the phones are directed to me, making it a busy morning. I manage to get through a lot of research and upload all the cases from yesterday, although I will have to go into the office on Sunday afternoon to ensure that I have finished off all this week’s work and I am ready to start again next week with a reasonably clear desk.