Police officer is latest to join Seven Families campaign

Police officer is latest to join Seven Families campaign

Seven Families, the campaign set up jointly by the Income Protection Task Force and Disability Rights UK, has chosen an injured police officer to be the fourth recipient of a year’s income.

According to Jason Jaspal, spokesman for Disability Rights UK, the campaign will help to raise awareness among the general public about the importance of having protection in place.

He said: “We hear from people daily who have to wait months for assessments (for Personal Independence Payment), while receiving ineffective or no support to resume work.

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“We plan to draw on this learning to campaign for changes in social security and independent living support, which is in line with our aim to strengthen the voice of disabled people.”

The police officer, Nikki Thornley, was injured in a motorcycle accident in 2013 that left her unable to work.

As part of Seven Families, which will help seven families struggling financially as a result of injury or illness to a breadwinner, Ms Thornley is to receive £1,000 a month in financial support and advice to help improve her home life, and help her rehabilitation and return to work.

She said: “After talking it through with the charity and my employer I’m hoping the Seven Families campaign will help me face up to many of my fears and concerns.”

Adviser view

Peter Le Beau MBE, founder of Kent-based Le Beau Visage, said: “Each family will have access to financial advice from a range of volunteering financial advisers to help with basic finances and budgeting and they will also have the opportunity to benefit from independent living, rehabilitation and counselling services.”