Weighing in the blues

Cambridge outweighed Oxford at the crew announcement and weigh-in for the 2015 BNY Mellon Boat Race.

The historic race up the Thames, which will take place on 11 April, will see the Newton women compete at 4.50pm and the men at 5.50pm

According to the weigh-in, the Newton women’s crews weighed-in with their male counterparts yesterday, ahead of the first combined BNY Mellon boat races this year.

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The average weight for the Cambridge men’s crew was 90.98kg and a total weight of 727.8kg excluding the cox. Oxford’s men weighed in with an average weight of 85.73kg and a total weight of 685.8kg excluding the cox.

For the Newton women’s boat race, the average for the Light Blue crew was 72.63kg and a total weight of 581.0kg excluding the cox.

The Dark Blue athletes weighed in marginally lighter with an average weight of 71.72kg and a total weight of 573.8kg excluding the cox.