Openwork advisers to get help growing business

Openwork advisers to get help growing business

Members of the Openwork network will be given more tools and support to help grow their business, especially in the light of the pension changes, Philip Martin has said.

The marketing director for the network said Openwork was committed to developing more support services and tools to help members grow their businesses in the post-retail distribution review world.

Mr Martin said: “The Openwork Protection Service – a centralised resource to which advisers can refer first-time buyers interested in buying protection – is the perfect example of what we’re doing to support our members.”

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Earlier this month, Openwork announced the appointment of Mark Duckworth as chief executive. He replaced Mary-Anne McIntyre who joined Old Mutual Wealth as chief distribution officer.

Mr Duckworth was previously managing director, a role Openwork has said will not be filled.

He made these comments in a video interview with Financial Adviser, which can be viewed on