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BlackRock Figo hits UK

BlackRock Figo hits UK

The BlackRock Fixed Income Global Opportunities fund has come to the UK.

Key features

The fund is free of benchmark constraints and operates within wide duration bands.

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It invests in a diverse range of instruments, including non-investment grade bonds and bonds denominated in foreign currencies, with currency exposure hedged back to sterling.

It uses a flexible, unconstrained strategy to invest in multiple geographies, credit ratings and sectors of the global credit market.

The minimum investment is £100,000

The annual management charge is 0.50 per cent and the ongoing charge is 0.64 per cent.

Scott Thiel, co-manager of BlackRock Figo, said: “As we continue to see central bank divergence play out across the globe, an unconstrained approach to fixed-income selection has never been more important.”

Adviser view

Kevin Morgan, managing director of Hertfordshire-based Consilium Financial Planning, said: “In the last three or four years there has been a tendency to ignore global markets for fixed income and to look closer to home, but the industry is starting to take more of a holistic approach, so this is timely.”