Cornelian Progressive gains from equity spread

Cornelian Progressive gains from equity spread

A good geographical spread of equities has helped the SVS Cornelian Progressive Fund generate good long-term growth, with a 43 per cent return in the past three years, data from FE has revealed.

The objective of the £71.1m portfolio is to achieve long-term growth by investing mainly in international and UK equity markets with no exposure limitations to any geographical or industrial sector.

Fund manager Hector Kilpatrick has been at the helm since the fund’s inception in 2010. While the portfolio has a 80.7 per cent equity exposure, he can turn to other asset classes such as fixed income, closed-ended property funds, absolute return funds and funds with exposure to private equity to achieve his objectives. Holding high levels of cash or money market instruments is also a viable option.

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The remaining asset holdings in the portfolio, which sits in the Investment Association’s unclassified sector, are fixed interest, at 5.1 per cent; absolute return funds, at 3.94 per cent; commercial property, at 3.13 per cent; and private equity, at 2.5 per cent. It also holds 4.6 per cent in cash.

The fund’s top holdings are the £1.3bn Polar Capital North American, at 5.10 per cent; Findlay Park American, at 5.07 per cent, and the Vanguard S&P 500, at 5 per cent.

The minimum investment is £1,000, and the ongoing charge is 2.12 per cent, according to FE.

Also in the unclassified sector, the FP Multi-Asset DRP VIII DRP Fund, managed by Mansard Capital, saw its strongest performance back in March 2013, but has returned a decent 12.36 in the past three years.

The objective of the £9.8m portfolio, which was launched in 2011, is to deliver long-term capital growth through an active approach reflected in a 100 per cent exposure to equities.

Fund manager Leon Diamond uses a broadly adventurous approach to investing, according to the fund’s latest factsheet, while ensuring that the overall volatility of the portfolio remains within its set volatility band – which is typical for an adventurous risk portfolio.

Mr Diamond said that during the last quarter of 2014, returns from Japanese equities in the portfolio helped negate emerging market equity losses, and the portfolio managed to advance 0.22 per cent over the quarter.

The portfolio’s top equity holdings are the UK, at 38 per cent; emerging markets, at 28 per cent, and Asia Pacific, at 19 per cent.

Underlying assets in the Swap basket include the MSCI Daily Total Return and European Equity Futures Rolling Strategy Indices

The minimum investment is £3,000, and the ongoing charge is a low 0.29 per cent.

SVS Cornelian ProgressiveFP Multi-Asset DRP VIII DRP
TOP FIVE HOLDINGSIndices in the Swap basket (top individual holdings for this fund are not disclosed)
Polar Capital North American 5.10%MSCI Daily Total Return Net UK
Findlay Park American 5.07%European Equity Futures Rolling Strategy Index
Vanguard S&P 500 5%US Equity Futures Rolling Strategy Index
Baillie Gifford Japanese 4.12%Japanese Equity Futures Rolling Strategy Index
Schroders ISF Global Convertible Bond 3.3%MSCI Daily Return Net Pacific excl’g Japan
EM Equity Futures Rolling Strategy Index