Lenders rush to market with new deals

Lenders rush to market with new deals

Eight different lenders have come to the market with mortgage rate reductions this week, across a range of loan-to-values and durations.

This doesn’t even include Teachers Building Society, which became the second mutual to make its Help to Buy mortgages available for remortgage as well as home purchase.

As FTAdviser reported yesterday, the society launched a discounted variable rate of 2.44 per cent for the first two years, which then changes to a standard variable rate of 4.99 per cent for the remainder of the term, available for loans up to 75 per cent loan-to-value, with an £899 arrangement fee and £99 application fee.

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Nationwide unveiled a series of reductions across its range, lowering selected fixed-rates by up to 0.3 per cent. For those with a 10 per cent deposit, two-year fixed rate products now start at 3.34 per cent with a £999 fee, while five-year fixed rate deals with a £999 fee start at 3.89 per cent.

Here are all the rest of the rates that were publicly announced this week:

LenderLTV/Type Headline Rate Product Fee
Accord Buy-To-Let60%/2-year fixed2.44%£2,495
Accord Buy-To-Let60%/2-year fixed2.59%£800
Skipton Intermediaries60%/2-year fixed1.69%
Skipton Intermediaries60%/5-year fixed2.69%
Yorkshire Building Society65%/3-year fixed2.19%
Yorkshire Building Society65%/5-year fixed2.54%
Nationwide70%/3-year fixed2.19%£999 (2.49% no fee)
Skipton Intermediaries75%/2-year fixed1.99%
Skipton Intermediaries75%/2-year fixed2.99%
Leeds Building Society75%/2-year fixed2.39%£999
Leeds Building Society75%/5-year fixed2.99%£999
Leeds Building Society75%/2-year discounted rate2.35%£999
Yorkshire Building Society75%/3-year fixed2.44%
Yorkshire Building Society75%/5-year fixed2.64%
Nationwide75%/3-year fixed2.49%£999 (2.79% no fee)
Nationwide75%/2-year fixed1.79%£999 (2.19% no fee)
Nationwide75%/5-year fixed2.69%£999 (2.89% no fee)
Nationwide75%/4-year Flexclusive2.54%£999 (2.84% no fee)
GE Money Home Lending75%/2-year discount 1.99%
Fleet Mortgages75%/5-year fixed4.09% 1% completion
Fleet Mortgages80%/3-year fixed3.95%2% completion
Fleet Mortgages80%/2-year fixed3.99%2% completion
Fleet Mortgages80%/2-year fixed4.79% (limited company)1.5% completion
Nationwide80%/2-year fixed1.99%£999 (2.39% no fee)
Nationwide80%/3-year fixed2.54%£999 (2.84% no fee)
Nationwide80%/5-year fixed2.94%£999 (3.14% no fee)
Nationwide80%/4-year Flexclusive2.69%£999 (2.99% no fee)
Yorkshire Building Society80%/3-year fixed2.99%
Mansfield Building Society80-85%/2-year fixed2.35%£999
Mansfield Building Society80-85%/2-year fixed2.49% (remortgage)£999
Yorkshire Building Society85%/5-year fixed3.34%
Nationwide85%/2-year fixed2.34%£999 (2.74% no fee)
Nationwide85%/3-year fixed3.14%£999 (3.44% no fee)
Nationwide85%/5-year fixed3.39%£999 (3.59% no fee)
Nationwide85%/4-year Flexclusive3.19%£999 (3.49% no fee)
Mansfield Building Society85-95%/2-year fixed3.85%£499
Nationwide90%/2-year fixed3.34%£999 (3.74% no fee)
Nationwide90%/3-year fixed3.74%£999 (4.04% no fee)
Nationwide90%/5-year fixed3.89%£999 (4.09% no fee)
Nationwide90%/4-year Flexclusive3.74%£999 (4.04% no fee)
Skipton Intermediaries90%/5-year fixed4.79%
Skipton Intermediaries90%/2-year fixed4.49%
Yorkshire Building Society90%/3-year fixed3.59%
Yorkshire Building Society90%/5-year fixed3.94%
Yorkshire Building Society95%/3-year fixed4.69%
Yorkshire Building Society95%/5-year fixed4.89%