Columbia Threadneedle mobile app helps create bespoke portfolio

Columbia Threadneedle Investments has launched a new mobile tablet application which aims to help financial advisers identify the solution best suited to their clients’ needs at retirement.

Called TriGlide, the new app suggests a model portfolio of three funds – the Threadneedle Global Opportunities Bond Fund for preservation, Threadneedle Global Multi Asset Income Fund for income, and Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return Fund for real return – based on the client’s individual needs.

The app allows advisers and their clients to explore the bespoke portfolio created by the recommended split between the three funds, including the breakdown of the resulting asset classes and geographies, as well as the associated risks.

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The process is repeatable, so the three elements can be adjusted, resulting in a new model portfolio, according to the firm.

Richard Vincent, head of wholesale solutions at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, said: “The UK pension landscape has seen ground-breaking reforms of late, resulting in greater freedom of choice for pensioners over how they access their pension savings. Retirement is increasingly becoming a journey rather than destination.

“The investment and adviser industries are focused on providing investors with the right frameworks, structures and solutions that can lead to good financial outcomes during retirement. However, we believe the market currently lacks suitable client-focused solutions. Indeed, to date, the most attention has been placed on the level of income people require, but our research suggests that pensioners are also weary of market shocks reducing their invested capital and inflation slowly eroding their savings.”

Adviser view

Abi Stidworthy, IFA at Devon-based Strategic Solutions, said: “Any tool that helps to engage the client and makes the process more stimulating is a good thing. I always look forward to trying out new software.”