Dream that drove Feeney’s career

Simoney Kyriakou

Simoney Kyriakou

What made the chief executive of Old Mutual Wealth go into finance?

Paul Feeney says that, when he was a teenager, his mother took him to the TSB branch in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. While she spoke with the bank manager, Mr Feeney noticed a gleaming white Cortina, à la The Sweeney, outside – a rare sight in those parts. He asked the teller whose it was. “The branch manager’s,” she replied. “When you’re branch manager, you get given a car”.

His eyes lit up and his goals became clear in that moment: become a TSB branch manager and get a white Cortina. He never joined TSB, but what about the Cortina? “Oh I don’t own a car at all”, he says. “I just get the bus to work.”

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