Almost 90% of Best Doctors users feel satisfied

Almost 90% of Best Doctors users feel satisfied


Best Doctors second opinion service - InterConsultation - can be used by employees when they want to gain a better understanding of a medical condition; if they have any doubts about the information they’ve received from a specialist (including surgery recommendations); there is no improvement or recovery from their medical condition; or expert guidance is needed to decide between treatment options.

An annual survey of 128 randomly selected Canada Life members who have used the InterConsultation service has revealed very positive feedback:

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88 per cent of respondents gave the Best Doctors team a score of 8 or above (out of 10) for satisfaction;

89 per cent said they’d had all of their questions answered and 75 per cent said they had a much better understanding of their condition following discussions with one of the Best Doctors team.

87 per cent will discuss the findings

87 per cent of respondents said they would now go on to discuss the findings of the report with their GP or treating doctor, with 89 per cent stating they would recommend the service to friends and family.

The survey revealed that the primary reason for contacting Best Doctors was for assistance whendeciding on treatment options, followed by confirmation of diagnosis and better understanding of the employees medical condition.

Paul Avis, marketing director at Canada Life Group Insurance, said: “We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer such an extensive range of added value services. The findings of this annual Best Doctors customer survey reinforce the value that individuals put on this service.

“Best Doctors helps a significant number of employees and their family members deal with anything from migraines to heart conditions; they provide independent and objective medical information, advice and recommendations, all from leading world experts.

“The satisfaction results are excellent and just confirm to us that we are offering a truly valued added value service. We continue to see that usage increases year on year and the feedback just keeps getting better.

“We continue to urge all employers insured with us to tell their eligible employees and family members about this tremendous service provided by a world-leading and trusted supplier.”

Dominic Howard, Director Europe at Best Doctors, said: “At a time when more and more employees and families are turning to the internet to find information about their diagnosis and/or treatment, often leading to more questions than answers, there’s never been a greater need to provide reliable and independent advice and opinions.

“Since the experts in the Best Doctors database are uniquely chosen by their peers as the best, the information we provide is not only beneficial to the individual but can also provide valuable insights for the treating doctor as well.”