Bright Grey updates CI plan

Bright Grey updates CI plan

Bright Grey has updated its critical illness plan by adding nine additional payment conditions, as it prepares to adopt the revised Association of British Insurers’ model wordings that must be in place by the end of this year.

The nine additional payment conditions are accidental hospitalisation, ‘carcinoma in situ of the breast’, ‘carncinoma in situ of the cervix uteri’, ‘carcinoma in situ of the oesophagus’, ‘carcinoma in situ of the testicle’, ‘carcinoma in situ of the urinary bladder’, ‘early stage prostate cancer’, ‘ovarian tumour of borderline malignancy’ and ‘third degree burns’ from 5 per cent to 19 per cent of the body.

Alongside this, Bright Grey has joined Aviva, Canada Life and Old Mutual Wealth by including spinal stroke within its roster of conditions.

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There have also been some important wording claim alterations. The definition of ‘aplastic anaemia’ has been widened to include additional treatments, while benign brain tumour has been upgraded to include partial removal of the tumour and to comply.

In terms of cancer, the ABI wording has only been updated to not excluding early chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. For the definition of coma, the requirement for use of life support systems has been removed, while for heart attack, the diagnosis has now extended beyond ECG to other imaging tests.

Multiple sclerosis no longer requires a three-month period of continuous impairment, or two or more attacks of impairment. Strokes are now specifically excluded as per the ABI model wording.

Carcinoma in situ of the breast now includes elective surgery for lobular carcinoma in situ, with trachelectomy now included as an acceptable treatment.

Alan Lakey, director of CI Expert, said: “Smaller sums for additional payment conditions was one area where Bright Grey previously fell short and this is now rectified bringing them up to the industry maximum of lower of £25,000 or 25 per cent of the sum assured.

“The changes are uniformly positive and elevate Bright Grey further up the quality ladder.”