Mystery Shopper: Hull


Difficult to gauge. The representative offered no guidance on the topic. 1/5

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Email/web presence: 5/5


Disappointing. The shopper rued the paucity of guidance on the topic.


Provider: Partnership

Speed of response:

Time of call: 10.47am. Call answered by an automated system, and transferred to an adviser within 40 seconds. 4/5

Telephone manner:

Polite and friendly. 5/5

Relevant qualifications:

The representative said she was not qualified to give financial advice. 0/5

Payment method:

Payment would vary from policy to policy. 4/5

Guidance given:

The representative quoted Partnership’s ‘Gift Inter Vivos’ policy for IHT mitigation. However, she said she was not best placed to discuss it with the shopper, and offered to transfer the shopper to a colleague who could explain it better. After putting him on hold for just under three minutes, the representative told the shopper that her colleague was busy with another call, and she could email information on the policy. 2/5


The representative did not show great knowledge of the provider’s IHT mitigation policies. 2/5

Email/web presence: 3/5


While the shopper appreciated the representative’s friendly approach, he was disappointed by the lack of guidance on the matter.