OpinionNov 5 2015

Which? should ditch ‘sales pitch’ accusation

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Regarding the story about the Which? survey, which criticised advisers for not publishing their prices on their websites (FTAdviser 26 October), I dislike the comment from the consumer watchdog that customers may “face a full sales pitch.”

We are professionals, and take great care and pride when advising clients. The day of the pressure sale from the industrial branch salesman has gone. To suggest there is a “sales pitch” is disingenuous and, quite frankly, insulting. We publish indicative fees online.

I do not know what a potential client is seeking to achieve and with what, so how can I cost it without a chat first? And sometimes we do not want to, or cannot, assist an enquirer, so where is the “sales pitch”?

Fraser Brydon

Managing director,

Fraser James Partnership,