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Unbiased responds to adviser’s concerns

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Unbiased responds to adviser’s concerns

Unbiased has reassured advisers who have expressed concern about the number of enquiries they have recieved after the introduction of new charging structures two months ago.

A spokesman for the company said that in the last few months Unbiased has seen an increase in the number of advisers and in consumer traffic.

One IFA said he had not received any enquiries in November, while another one said he had not had any for two months.

Rob Terry, independent financial planner and adviser at Derby-based High Edge Financial Planning, said he had been subscribing to Unbiased for up to three years and pays around £48 a month.

He said: “I get very few notifications saying someone is going to my website and have not tended to have enquiries from this.”

Two months ago Unbiased introduced new packages to give advisers greater flexibility in the way they manage their new business enquiries.

Right of reply

A spokesman for Unbiased said: “Two months ago we introduced some new products that give advisers more choice as to how they receive enquiries from

“These products have not in any way reduced the number of enquiries received by advisers already listed on our site.

“In fact, over the last few months we have seen an increase in the number of advisers signing up with us, in a clear reflection of the value that we add to advisers’ business models.”