Robotics funds gather momentum with second launch

Robotics funds gather momentum with second launch

Investment adviser RoboCap has launched a fund aimed at capturing returns from “robotics and automation listed stocks” together with corporate finance firm Sturgeon Ventures.

The RoboCap Ucits fund, which aims to capitalise on innovations such as 3D printing in manufacturing and high-precision surgical robots, launches shortly after Pictet Asset Management unveiled a vehicle focusing on robotics and artificial intelligence last year.

The RoboCap fund will target double-digit annual returns by investing in listed companies mainly in the US, Japan and western Europe. It will encompass 22 to 30 stocks with an average holding period of around 12 months.

RoboCap managing partner Jonathan Cohen said: “There are few vehicles that enable investors to benefit from the sector. But as interest grows, there will be a need for specialist advisers giving access to future industry leaders.”