Kensington increases maximum LTVs

Kensington increases maximum LTVs

Kensington has added to it residential mortgage offerings with an increase in the maximum loan-to-value on its core range to 85 per cent.

“We will provide more opportunity for customers whose chances of getting a standard mortgage have been hindered by the complexities of life – and this means more opportunity for brokers to place their difficult cases,” head of sales and distribution Steve Griffiths said.

The lender has also introducing a 65 per cent LTV two-year fixed rate deal priced at 3.79 per cent and a three-year fixed rate at 4.04 per cent.

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Two-year fixed rate mortgages at 65 per cent LTV rates start at 3.34 per cent.

A three-year fixed rate is also available at 3.64 per cent and five-year fixed rate at 4.29 per cent.

The completion fee is £999.

At 85 per cent LTV, rates start at 4.49 per cent for a two-year fixed rate and three-year at 4.79 per cent, with a fee of £1,299.

A two-year fixed rate 85 per cent LTV is priced at 4.99 per cent and three-year fixed rate is priced at 5.29 per cent.

The lender also has options with free valuations on purchases and free valuations and standard legals on remortgages, as well as no fee.

Mr Griffiths said increasing the choice of products, with more product LTVs and payment options helps to meet the needs brokers and their clients.

Kensington Mortgages is part of the newly rebranded Northview Group.

Christopher Taylor, director of London Mortgage Brokers, said: “Kensington are well known for having a flexible approach to underwriting and lending in a niche market.

“Now that they have an 85 per cent LTV offering (it) shows that they are trying to compete with high street lenders.

“They are not necessarily a lender to go to on price but certainly give more choice to people such as contractors or people with only one year of accounts.”