Governments should stop tinkering with pensions

John Stirling

In regards to the prospect of pension tax relief being scrapped in the upcoming budget, in order for pensions to work they need one thing, and one thing only: a complete moratorium on being fiddled with for a decade or two.

Successive chancellors and governments are making policies that would normally take 40 years to deliver every 12 months, mostly on the hoof, and despite their fiddling, personal responsibility for long-term saving isn’t completely dead – but it is on life support.

If they would just commit to publishing all the planned messing around in their manifesto and then stay away until the next General Election that would be a step in the right direction – but really, just leave it the heck alone.

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John Stirling

Chartered financial planner,

Walden Capital,

Saffron Walden, Essex