Just Mortgages announces self-employed division

Just Mortgages announces self-employed division

Just Mortgages has announced the launch of a new self-employed division.

From 6 March 2016, the new division will provide self-employed brokers with opportunities to continue advising clients while growing and managing their own operations.

The division will be headed up by Carl Parker, who has spent the past 23 years as national services director with Countrywide.

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The intention is to grow the Just Mortgages self-employed division to at least 100 broker firms in the next two years.

Parker said: “Just Mortgages self-employed division will help people who want to take the first steps to being self-employed and running their own mortgage and protection businesses.

“We will help brokers to set up their own businesses, ensure they have robust plans in place and help them to find and develop business. We will also pay some of the best procuration fees in the market to ensure that they are well rewarded for what they do.”

David Hollingworth, Mortgage Advisor for London & Country Mortgages said: “With a stronger, more stable market it’s likely that firms will look to extend their reach, to grow and expand their business. We have certainly maintained a keen focus on recruitment in recent years, albeit on an employed basis.”