Best Doctors service is a key benefit for employers



The survey targeted employers, with 83 per cent of respondent organisations having more than 100 employees.

This positive endorsement goes hand in hand with the fact 89 per cent of employers say the service is valued by their employees. They identified access to world-class medical expertise and the fact a second medical opinion from Best Doctors ensures their staff are on the correct treatment path as the features they most value.

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Ensuring that their employees are on the right treatment path is important to employers as it can help reduce workplace absences and facilitate faster returns to work. As one respondent stated, “It’s a great back up. We’ve all got PMI but this sits alongside it”. This has led to Best Doctors becoming an important factor for employers faced with renewing their Group Income Protection policy.

A further 85 per cent of respondents said the inclusion of Best Doctors will play a part in their renewal decision, with 53 per cent saying it would be a key or deciding factor. Some even cited it as a potential “deal breaker”.

Such positivity towards the second medical opinion service is testimony in part to the work of thededicated Best Doctors account managers. The team carried out 693 visits to employers, employees, benefits consultants and brokers from October 2014 to October 2015, promoting the service and educating users on the benefits.

For many respondents, the support they receive from Best Doctors’ account managers demonstrates real added value. They recognise it is a service which is enhanced by ongoing awareness activities.

Nearly 80 per cent of employers felt that the combination of face-to-facecommunication, presence at workplace activities and the materials provided by Best Doctors and Canada Life is the most effective way of integrating account management into their promotional activities. Many stated that those who have used the service have been “very impressed”.

As one employer explained, “while you don’t want people to have to use it, it’s good to know it’s there”.

Paul Avis, marketing director at Canada Life Group Insurance, said: “We will have been with Best Doctors for 10 years in 2016 and we continue to get amazingly positive feedback where the service is used.

“We would encourage all advisers to take advantage of this service as it is not only for employees but their immediate family members too. It can be used without being a claimant and can have a beneficial impact on medical insurance costs as employees will be confident they have the right treatment and diagnosis.”

David Marcus, European Client Director at Best Doctors, commented: “An aging workforce and ongoing presenteeism challenges means that it is ever more important for employers to offer benefits which support the health and wellbeing of not only their workforce but also their family members.