Don’t confuse political aims with reality on EU

Ian Muirhead

It is great to see Ken Davy adding his voice to the groundswell of opinion in favour of Brexit. The issue is that the EU is quite simply too big for its own good. Political objectives have been confused with economic reality.

Each constituent state has its own agenda based on its own parochial interests, which means – as David Cameron’s valiant efforts have demonstrated – that the result is always going to be fudge and compromise.

The opinion in Germany is that Brexit would be more injurious to the EU than it would be to the UK. Staying in would be the soft option – the cosy status quo – but why vote to remain part of a busted experiment? Brits need to regain their self-belief.

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And, as far as investment is concerned, Neil Woodford has spoken: it matters not which way the vote might go.

Ian Muirhead