Your IndustryApr 14 2016

Diary of an Adviser: Claire Walsh

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I try to exercise every morning before work, and I had a weights class this morning before cycling to the office in the sunshine. I start each day by catching up on emails and prioritising my own work before catching up with my administrator. This feels particularly vital with the tax year end looming. Lots of contributions have been applied over the last few days and we are now only awaiting two clients making contributions – phew. It does mean lots of administration though. Today, I am also visiting a local law firm where I present to them on the budget and tax changes. It goes very well and there are lots of questions, so hopefully this will strengthen our relationship and encourage further referrals.


I kick off with yoga at sunrise, and then I view a couple of flats (I am house hunting at the moment) before heading to the office. This afternoon I am going on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box Live, talking about inheritances, so I brush up on the relevant legislation, in particular anticipating questions about the property nil rate band.

As Unbiased head of advice my role is promote the benefits of financial advice in the media by way of demonstrating good practice and encouraging people to seek advice. I am joined for the train trip and Money Box Live by a wills and probate solicitor friend of mine. The show goes well with an interesting variety of questions, although none about the property nil rate band.


I cycle to tennis on Thursday morning. I was a complete beginner at the sport last year, and I am having weekly lessons in the hope that I will be good enough to play other people soon. At the office, I have a clear diary to check that everything is on track for tax year end and process work. I get a new client enquiry and book them in for end of April as I want to keep plenty of time free to see existing clients for reviews. I find juggling the different aspects of my role and time management the most challenging, so now I am pushing back and leaving plenty of space in my diary.