An essential read

Emma Ann Hughes

Emma Ann Hughes

In 2016 there are more demands on your time than ever before – which is why your weekly newspaper Financial Adviser is improving and becoming an even more essential read.

Today, you are bombarded by information in a way you simply weren’t 10 years ago.

Letters on a doormat have been replaced by a barrage of email alerts, Tweets, YouTube videos, shared social media posts and text messages.

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With so much shouting, you need a weekly newspaper you can rely on to cut through the noise and give you an overview of what is going on with the major lenders, investment houses, pension and protection providers, plus insightful comment about what market developments mean for you and your clients.

That is why this week’s Financial Adviser has been refreshed to provide new features, such as the summary of all the key announcements over the last five working days on page 3.

I promise we will also continue to deliver informed comment about what your consumers think about the industry from award-winning columnists, such as the Mail on Sunday’s Jeff Prestridge.

As well as delivering what you need to stay in business and thrive in an increasingly competitive market, we have added some new features to make you smile – like our Financial Adviser Spotted section (see page 35).

We want to help ensure that your voice – the only voice that meets with the consumers, who the government and the regulator claim they are trying to protect – is heard.

Please let us know what you think of our content and share your photos of you reading the new-look Financial Adviser by emailing emma.hughes@ft.com.