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Diary of an adviser: Marlene Outrim

Marlene Outrim

Marlene Outrim


Every Monday we have a meeting with all involved and we take turns to chair it. We each present at least three strategic projects completed in the last week, three projects we are to work on this week, any follow-up work and, finally, ‘positive moments’, both personally and professionally. It is a good way of sharing what we do in our different roles and what we have been up to over the weekend. It normally ends in laughter, and then on with the job.


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Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually for client meetings. I have known most of my clients for many years now, so it is a bit like catching up with old friends, although we do go over the cash flow, portfolios and planning for the next 12 months. Today, I have just one meeting, and it is straightforward. Last year, the husband thought he might be made redundant, but it now looks as though his job has been saved.

I have usually prepared for these meetings on my ‘prep’ days, Mondays and Thursdays, although the paraplanners will have done much of the work.

In the evening, as well as Thursdays and Saturdays, you will normally find me at my dance classes. These keep me fit and sane, so I rarely miss them.


Wednesdays are ‘free days’, and today I work on a big project that Uniq is involved with, but which I cannot mention here – watch this space. I spend more time working on the business than I used to, which is obviously a good thing. The fact that I have a really good team to support me, helps enormously, and I delegate responsibility, not just tasks, far more.

I complete some preparation for clients coming in on Friday, back to the UK having spent 30 years abroad.


I have no client meetings today, because, as a member of Strategic Coach, I go to London for Dan Sullivan’s Masterclass. At 72 he is still coming up with some great ideas, and today was no different. He got us to look at the different mindsets of our most successful clients. This scorecard enables you to identify more easily clients who fit them and to do business with them more easily. It was also a chance to catch up with some other Strategic Coach chums, and network.


I spend the morning catching up with our marketing consultant who has done a sterling job in refreshing our brand and name awareness. We are to produce an e-magazine instead of a newsletter, so we decide on content. Presently, the website is being tweaked and our IT guru is in to set up new email signatures.

The rest of the afternoon is with clients I have only previously talked to over the telephone and by email, although were able to look at cash flow with me using service. We cover a lot of ground as they are keen to know about our investment process as they had more than £1m to invest. After two hours, and feeling quite exhausted, they leave, having completed all the documents. A good end to what has been a busy and varied week.