Halifax offers cashback for first-time buyers

Halifax offers cashback for first-time buyers

Halifax Intermediaries has made changes to its first-time buyer mortgage product range, including a £500 cashback offer.

This will be available on selected first-time buyer products paid on completion, sent to the conveyancer with completion funds.

Meanwhile, rates will be reduced by 0.3 per cent on selected two-year fixed rates and by 0.1 per cent on five-year fixed mortgages.

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Rates available for first-time buyer products at 85 per cent to 90 per cent loan-to-value with £500 cashback include 1.79 per cent with £1,499 fee, 1.84 per cent with £999 fee and 2.24 per cent with no fee.

Ian Wilson, head of Halifax Intermediaries, said: “We are committed to helping one in four first-time buyers take their first step onto the property ladder, and through adapting our product range we’re not only aiming to meet their needs, but continually developing ways to offer extra to customers supported by our award-winning service.”

Just last week, the bank’s intermediary branch reduced rates on its first-time buyer range, including Affordable Housing Shared Equity/Shared Ownership products.

The cuts fell on its two and five-year 90 per cent LTV deals, down by 0.3 per cent to start at 3.19 per cent.