Join us tomorrow to learn about Brexit and earn CPD

Join us tomorrow to learn about Brexit and earn CPD

Brexit’s immediate political and economic fall-out has occupied countless column inches and filled thousands of broadcast minutes over the past few weeks.

Sterling plummeted to a 31-year low in the aftermath of the vote to leave the UK, and the FTSE 250 - a bellweather index of British corporates, given the majority of companies listed on it are domestic - fell from 17,333 on 23 June to 16,088 on 24 June when the result was known.

By Monday (27 June), it had slunk further, opening at 14,967.86, although has started to rebound on the back of positive words from chancellor George Osborne and Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, who declared to the markets: “The UK was prepared”.

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Will the £3.1bn cash injection continue to provide liquidity? Will the bounce-back in stock markets continue way past earnings season later on in the year? And what are advisers to make of the news reports of widening pension scheme deficits among the UK’s largest company?

What are the longer-term prospects for the UK stock market and for investors? Tomorrow at 12pm we will have an expert panel to discuss these topics and more during FTAdviser’s On Air debate, sponsored by BlackRock.

You can send your questions about Brexit to us ahead of the debate by emailing and during the debate via Twitter’s @FTAdviser using the hashtag #FTAOnAir.

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The debate will also qualify for 30 minutes’ structured CPD points.