Product review: Prudential's Knowledge TV

Product review: Prudential's Knowledge TV

Prudential has unveiled an online TV channel for advisers, complete with CPD-certified box sets, demos and insight from Prudential’s technical team. 

Launched with the intention of providing advisers with better access to product news and developments within the financial industry, the new resource, to be hosted on, boasts an array of content, including panel discussions with experts and “How to’s” on Prudential products such as the Prudential Client Finder. 

The website has seven playlists, each focusing on a different theme, and contains a selection of more than 30 videos ranging in length on topics spanning from more general content including common questions on death benefits and corporate investing, to in-depth material on market outlooks and the impact of Brexit on investing.

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The first CPD box sets, put in place as another means by which to acquire CPD, are split into two topics: the seven-part collection of trusts and trustee taxation videos covering trustee duties and tax implications for trusts and the trustees, and the four-part introduction to bonds, which takes advisers through topics such as taxations, lives assured and withdrawal.

Both videos accompany tests on Prudential’s test centre web page, where advisers can claim their CPD certificates.


In the age of online streaming, launching an online channel dedicated to industry news and developments is a sure-fire way to educate and inform those working in financial advisory services, particularly when that information can be used to facilitate things like CPD.  

While obtaining CPD with the help of box sets may prove to be more engaging than reading or examinations, the content itself is not wholly dissimilar to more traditional revision aids and largely resembles standard multimedia presentations.

In other playlists on the channel – many of which feature interview footage – Prudential has undercut lengthy, jargon-laid text-based information in lieu of easily digestible media, so it serves viewers who wish to rapidly consume material. 

However, as useful as Knowledge TV is, unique it is not. Other online channels, such as, another financial video platform, have already finessed the craft of producing educational content for financial advisers, and it boasts more than triple the content of Knowledge TV. 

Seeing as Knowledge TV will continue to update its content, much of which will continue to feature information on Prudential-specific services and products not to be found on similar websites, it is clear that Knowledge TV will prove to be a useful resource for advisers.