Print advertising is here to stay

Print advertising is here to stay

Advertising has changed dramatically during the past 30 years. Back when Financial Adviser launched, display activity was the only option, or the only option considered. It was all about being loud and visual in the market.

As Financial Adviser grown, so did the industry. Tougher regulation led to a change in thinking that in turn led to new ideas for print advertising. When you consider this with the introduction of digital during the past decade, the advertising world today looks nothing like its former self.

Today’s advertisers are far more savvy than in days gone by. Standard advertising – while it will always have a place – now sits alongside content partnerships. Everyone strives to be an educator.

As well as the seismic shift to digital, advertisers are tapping into readers as they go about their day.

Social media, industry events and competitions mean advertisers reach you while you are at work, on the move, even playing fantasy football.

As the industry continues to evolve, print will always have a place. Like our advertisers, print is an established, tangible and trustworthy source of information for our readers. 

Charlotte Morgan is advertising manager of Financial Adviser