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Defending capital to support future retirement prosperity

While shareholders have enjoyed bumper returns in recent years, especially in the US, equity prices are sensitive to the global political situation and a significant share of stock market growth in recent years has come from a narrow range of stocks, potentially leaving retired investors exposed if sentiment were to change.


Pension freedoms allow clients the flexibility to be able to take a holiday, or fix the roof, while maintaining a reasonable standard of living and knowing their retirement income is secure and keeping pace with inflation. Whether this is taking their tax free lump sum as cash and then drawing down the rest, investing their pension in a diversified portfolio, or even buying an annuity to provide a certain level of guaranteed income. The options to create the right solution for a client’s bespoke retirement are available at their fingertips, providing they first understand the importance of advice and the need to manage investment risk in retirement. By articulating these challenges and helping clients balance the need for income, flexibility and capital preservation, advisers can guard clients against making decisions that could undo all their hard work in saving for a prosperous retirement.   

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