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Four factors for 2021

After facing one of the most testing environments in history following the Covid-19 outbreak, investors are increasingly optimistic of a strong recovery in 2021 due to recent positive vaccine news and additional fiscal and monetary stimulus announcements. However, as the unprecedented health crisis continues to lock down many parts of the world, risks to the recovery remain.

In the following update, T. Rowe Price investment leaders – David Giroux, CIO Equity and Multi Asset, Justin Thomson, CIO Equity, and Mark Vaselkiv, CIO Fixed Income – highlight the four factors investors need to focus on for 2021.

As many uncertainties remain, the T. Rowe Price investment leaders all agree on one crucial element in the year ahead – the need for active management. With the uneven impact of the pandemic and the recovery likely to lead to bouts of heightened volatility, strong fundamental analysis and skilled active security selection is likely to be a key driver of investment success in 2021 and beyond.

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