Continuum partners with Wimbledon adviser

Continuum partners with Wimbledon adviser
Simon Hewitt, chartered financial planner

Continuum has welcomed Wimbledon-based chartered financial planner Simon Hewitt to its team.

Hewitt has expertise across the whole financial advice spectrum and specialises in estate planning and tax optimisation strategy. 

He operates from Wimbledon in south west London, as well as in north Wales due to his family connections there.

Before becoming a chartered financial planner, Hewitt was a commodities trader in the energy industry. 

His career change was prompted in 2012 by the Retail Distribution Review initiative from the Financial Conduct Authority, formerly known as the Financial Services Authority.

He said: “I enjoy meeting people and problem solving to help them achieve their life goals by establishing a financial plan for their whole lifetime and succession.

"Being able to take a long-term view is vital, and it is one of the reasons I was so keen to join the Continuum team. 

“Their philosophy is one of long-term support for clients. I believe the key point in financial planning is mutual trust."

He said building on that trust to establish an ongoing relationship to track and amend his clients’ plan as their life and circumstances change has always been a priority for him.

Hewitt added by partnering with Continuum he will be able to concentrate on providing advice “that really does put my clients’ interests first”. 

He said: “It allows me to select the most suitable answers to those needs from all the providers on the market.

“Getting the answers that people depend on to create the wealth and security they want and need is a major responsibility. Of course, at the end of the day it means better value for clients, and it means much more satisfaction for me.”

Continuum managing partner Martin Brown added: “Our commitment is to offer clients the very best solutions and the highest standards of support. We can only do that if we work with the very best people.

“Simon has demonstrated his skills and determination and a commitment which echoes our own. He shares our approach of putting clients’ needs first, whatever we do.”

The national IFA firm has also recently seen three new support staff and its first in-house recruiter join the team.

Earlier this year, Continuum expanded its footprint in the south west region by partnering with a Barnstaple-based IFA. 

In April, it reported assets under influence rose a further 20 per cent in the first quarter of the year. 

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