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Diversified income, consistent outcome


The Kames Diversified Monthly Income Fund aims to deliver a stable and sustainable income of 5% p.a.*.

Income requirements

Achieving a regular and sustainable income is a key requirement of many investors in the low interest rate environment. With a target yield of 5% p.a.* and a total return target of 7-8% p.a. over the medium term this monthly-paying Fund aims to provide a consistent level of income whilst preserving the real value of income and capital over time.

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It is important to note that the Fund’s expenses are charged to capital and the monthly income distributions can be withheld or reduced to smooth variations, giving a more consistent return. All income is paid out each financial year and the target distribution is reviewed annually.

Spreading risk

The fund’s manager spreads risk and controls volatility to be around a half to two-thirds of equities by investing in bonds, equities, property and specialist income assets, such as infrastructure, renewable energy and aircraft leasing.

Hear the fund manager

Watch the video above to hear the manager, Vincent McEntegart, talk about the Fund’s construction and how he achieves a consistent and sustainable level of income.

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*Target income is not guaranteed and may be revised in future, capital is at risk and there is no guarantee that the Fund will generate a positive return. The 5% target yield is the fund's target total distribution over the next 12 months as a percentage of the current mid-market share price.

Fund Charges are taken from capital, increasing distributions but constraining capital growth.

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