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Campaign letters land at MPs' offices across UK

However, some advisers said they did not expect much hope from their MPs. Darren Cooke, chartered financial planner for Red Circle Financial Planning, commented: "I wrote back in February when we have the interim levy and he did what any [lackey] would do – forwarded my letter to the Treasury then sent me back the stock response from John Glenn. In other words, nowt, as we say up north."

Another adviser said: "I was most disappointed how Damian Hinds, my local MP came back, just saying: 'Thank you for your note regarding the FSCS Levy. I have in the first instance forwarded your query to the FCA for a response, and will be interested to see their reply, although the government does not have any active role in setting or reviewing the levy'."

Let us know which MP you have written to and what his or her response has been as part of our ongoing Keep Fees Fair campaign