Guide to finding yield in 2017

  • To understand what has changed in the world of fixed income.
  • To grasp how to inflation-proof a portfolio.
  • To understand the pros and cons of chasing yield within a portfolio.
Guide to finding yield in 2017


Investors have been chasing income since the stock market shocks of the recent Credit Crisis hit them hard.

But are the good old days of high yield gone for good? Some experts believe investors will be lucky to find decent single-digit returns from fixed income, while others suggest it is not so much about yield hunting in 2017 as it is inflation-proofing.

This guide will explore whether the days of decent yield for moderate risk are indeed over, and where advisers can recommend their clients go to spread their net further in the hunt for yield.

Contributors to this guide: Adrian Hull, senior fixed income product specialist for Kames Capital and Vincent McEntegart, manager of the Kames Diversified Monthly Income fund; Adrian Lowcock, investment director for Architas; Patrick Connolly, certified financial planner for Chase de Vere; Darius McDermott, managing director for Chelsea Financial Services; George Efstathopoulos, multi-asset portfolio manager for Fidelity International; Darren Ruane, head of fixed income at Investec Wealth & Investment; Martin Horne, head of European High Yield for Barings; Mike Gitlin, head of fixed income for The Capital Group; Rick Rezek, fixed income manager for Schroders; the Investment Association; M&G's Bond Vigilantes; the Bank of England; HM Treasury.


In this guide

  1. What does Mr Lowcock say will be the result of investors being "increasingly in need of income"?

  2. For which country have the M&G Bond Vigilantes cited a strong track record in terms of defaults?

  3. What two things does Mr Hull cite as representing the "extremes of chasing yield" in 2016?

  4. Why does Mr Efstathopoulos think inflation-linked bonds are not necessarily the best way to inflation-proof a portfolio?

  5. Which markets have the potential to benefit from the policies being set in place by Mr Trump?

  6. What will be key for income-hungry investors in 2017, according to Mr McEntegart?

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