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Social investing manual launches for advisers

Social investing manual launches for advisers

Impact investment hub Worthstone has launched a social investment training manual and competency mark for financial advisers.

The Adviser Competency Training offers advisers the opportunity to learn about all key elements of social investment that they need to advise their clients successfully in this area. 

The training is endorsed as structured CPD.

The ACT manual has been developed specifically for advisers who have a desire to be able to articulate clearly to clients any social impact investment opportunities, evaluate the risks, blend such investments into a portfolio and then measure and report on the social outcomes as part of a review process. 

The manual also includes two chapters which are dedicated to helping advisers understand how social investment tax relief works and how their clients might benefit from it.

It has been endorsed by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment as a learning tool for which 18 hours of structured CPD may be claimed. 

As part of the package, advisers can take a multi-choice test and earn a certificate for social investment, together with a competency mark for their website and marketing materials as evidence to clients of competence in this area.

John Spiers, chief executive of EQ Investors said: “We’ve been key proponents of social impact investment since launch and it is great to see an initiative that raises education levels amongst the adviser community. 

“For social investing to really take-off, we need everyone on board and up to speed. I applaud Worthstone for taking the lead.”

Alex Xavier, assistant director for member services at the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (Cisi), said: “We have noticed an increase in demand from our members for educational tools on social impact investing, therefore our endorsement of Worthstone’s Adviser Competency Training manual is the start of our commitment to educate on this growing area of investor interest. 

“We are looking forward to building on this endorsement through the provision of events and learning resources, and will watch the growth of social impact investing closely to ensure we support our members thoroughly.”