Frontier Markets 

The Guide: Investing in Frontier Markets

  • Gain an understanding of what frontier markets are
  • Grasp the prospects for frontier market debt
  • Comprehend the outlook for Vietnam
The Guide: Investing in Frontier Markets


While emerging markets may have come back into focus in recent months, many of the smaller frontier markets have also performed well. But are investors overlooking these lesser known investment opportunities?

In this special report

  1. The MSCI Frontier Markets index covers 22 countries. But which of the indices in this basket performed worst for the year to date to May 4 2017?

  2. In his article Girish Patel noted the spread in the JPM Nexgem index, which tracks frontier market debt, widened in March by how many basis points (bps)?

  3. Vietnam's IPO process is being rationalised by the government. What does Bill Stoops mention in his article as one of the problems with state owned enterprises pre-2009?

  4. In his article, Stephen Tong argues frontier markets can be considered a separate equity asset class because they offer what?

  5. Girish Patel claims in his article that emerging and frontier market fundamentals were helped by stable commodity prices, particularly oil but also industrial metals. True or False?

  6. Having previously been downgraded to frontier market status in 2009, MSCI announced in March this year proposals for which country index to be promoted back to an emerging market?

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