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Just over three years ago we launched our first outcome-focused multi-asset income solution. Since then the investment world has struggled with low growth, low rates and declining yields. It has encountered global political upheaval, concerns over Chinese growth and a collapse in the oil price. 

Throughout this period the Kames Diversified Monthly Income Fund has consistently steered a path to delivering its 5% [1] income objective plus capital growth whilst managing risk.

With an annualised income return of 5.2% [2] and an annualised total return of 8.68% [3] since launch on 25 February 2014, the Fund has met the objectives consistently and with volatility less than half of global equities.[4]

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[1] Target income is not guaranteed and may be revised in the future, capital is at risk and there is no guarantee that the fund will generate a positive return. The 5% is a target yield, being the fund's target total distribution over the next 12 months as a percentage of the current mid-market share price.

[2] Source Kames Capital as at 30 April 2017 for B Inc Share class

[3] Source: Lipper as at 30 April 2017, NAV to NAV, noon prices, income reinvested, net of ongoing charges, excluding entry or exit charges. B Inc Share class.

[4] Source: Lipper as at 30 April 2017. Annualised volatility since launch. Fund: 5.29%. MSCI World Total Return (local currency): 11.43%. Volatility is defined as the standard deviation of daily returns.

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Opinions expressed represent our understanding of the current and historical positions of the market and are not an investment recommendation or advice.  

Fund Charges are taken from capital, increasing distributions but constraining capital growth.

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