Donald trumps Brexit as top investor concern

Donald trumps Brexit as top investor concern

The majority of UK investors do not believe Brexit will impact their long-term investment returns and haven’t adjusted their portfolios over the past 18 months, according to data from MFS.

MFS spoke to 2,000 UK investors and 77 per cent said Brexit has not changed their long-term investment strategy.

Investors were more concerned about the risks to their portfolios from international events such as political uncertainty around the US President Donald Trump, than about the impact of the UK leaving the European Union.

A quarter of investors polled said they thought international events would be more significant for their portfolios than anything happening in the UK.  

The survey contained bad news for Prime Minister Theresa May with fewer than half of respondents expressing confidence in the ability and unity of the UK's government.

Alan Steel, chairman of Alan Steel Asset Management, said: "Pessimists say we are going down the tubes. But maybe we are moving into an even stronger growth period.

"Millions of Millennials out there are getting wealthier, and increasing world trade and productivity which, in turn, could (should) keep inflation in check."